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Birding from the Yellow Van I: An overview by two complete amateurs

37-YVD bird blog-October 25, 2014When we arrived in Buenos Aries at the start of our trip, we were very excited to see Monk Parakeets strolling around the lawns. Half an hour, and many photographs, later we had noticed that everyone else was ignoring them because they are so common! That was our introduction to a group of birds (parakeets, parrots and macaws) that we grew to be very fond of over the course of our journey. The sound of a flock of parakeets flying overhead became something of a home comfort to us. Continue reading



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Birding from the Yellow Van II: A more detailed record for the keen

There are so many places to see birds in South America, covering a wide variety of habitats and ecosystems. In the second part of our blog about our experiences of birding in South America, I will talk a bit about some of the places we visited. To make it a bit more cohesive, I have roughly grouped them into seven themes, each with its own accompanying gallery of some of our favourite photos. Continue reading

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A year in the van in review

A year ago today, the van was pushed out of it’s shipping container, given a push start by a fork-lift truck and then made it’s first journey on South American soil straight to the nearest VW garage! A year later, these 12 pictures are our highlights of our first year on the road in Latin America, along with some reflections…. Continue reading


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Antarctica: Beyond the end of the world

The lovely Gentoo penguin

Tierra del Fuego is described as El Fin del Mundo (“the end of the world”), but there is more to see further south – and we decided it was worth taking the opportunity to board a boat, suffer 5 days in the worst seas in the world, to go see…
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