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The secret wines of Bolivia

La Paz Wine Bar

Wine tasting at Hallwright’s

Bolivian wines? Really? This is probably what most people think when I mention the subject. In fact, it did take us a while to work our way through some distinctly ordinary wines, but, finally, Bolivia revealed her secrets with bodegas whose wines were excellent and compared well to the better Argentinian and Chilean examples we had tried.
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This is work in progress!

Thank you for coming to look at our website. We are making final preparations for the trip. The van is in a container on the high seas (on the Cap San Nicolas) and is due into Montevideo, Uruguay, on about the 7th November. Our flights to Buenos Aires are booked for the 23rd October and we will travel to Uruguay to meet the van when it arrives. In the meantime, we are going to take a quick holiday to Spain whilst we wait for the Bill of Lading to arrive. We need the original paper copy of this with us when we collect the van in Montevideo, so a week in Spain is a good way to try to speak a little Spanish as we wait.

We haven’t had time to make this a fully functional website yet but this is on our list for the near future! Come back to visit soon…

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