Living in a Yellow Van: A TED-style talk given to the reunion of my MBA class

At the recent (September 2016) 10 year reunion of my MBA class in Oxford, I was asked to give a “TED-style” talk about our trip. I’ve turned the slides and the script I used into a PDF document to share it here.


Rebecca here…


TED talks, for those that don’t know, are brief (10 minutes only), dynamic talks to “share an idea” with the audience. There have been TED and TED-x conferences going on all around the planet for a couple of decades now and many 1000s of such talks are available to watch online on all sorts of topics – I really recommend checking them out here. Rather than give a travel talk (my audience was highly international and very well travelled already – they didn’t need a talk on South America), I gave a talk on overlanding and life in the Yellow Van.

You can view the presentation by clicking on this link: mba10-presentation_yellowvandays_compressed

I hope you enjoy it!




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  1. Emma Palmer Foster

    This is a great read, thanks! A nice record of your trip


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