Argentina Head to Toe – Part 1: Iguazu Falls to Cordoba

An Amazon peers out to check us out from a hole in a tree above our campsite

An Amazon peers out to check us out from a hole in a tree above our campsite

We turned south at the Iguazu Falls for a drive that will take us the full length of Argentina, we hope. Iguazu Falls is at the northern tip of the Misiones province, a thin spit of Argentine land separating Paraguay from Uruguay and defined by the Rios Uruguay and Paraná.

Rebecca here (whilst Bruce boldly removes the steering wheel for some post-dirt road van TLC…)

It’s hard to know what to write about the Iguazu Falls – they are immense (the only way to see them in their entirety is from the air) and beautiful. Except, perhaps, to confirm that the way we approached it, which is how it was recommended to us, starting on the Brazilian side (which gives you various vistas from the opposite bank of the river), then visiting the Argentine side (which brings you up close and pretty personal if you take the boat trip in underneath, like we did!), is a pretty good way to take it all in. We also did a short helicopter flight over the top, from the Brazilian side, once we had worked out that you really needed to see it from the air to get a proper sense of it. Plus, going up in a helicopter was a yet to be done item on both of our “to do before we die” bucket lists and this trip, out of season, was a bit of a bargain opportunity to be grabbed, we thought.

Driving south from there has been pretty much as we might have imagined – long, straight, hot (when the sun’s out), endless roads, with the landscape and scenery gently changing as we went, with jungle giving way to marshlands, then to agricultural lands and savannah. After some fascinating stops on route (old Jesuit missions, nature reserves), the next destination was Cordoba, a fascinating old university town founded by the idealistic Jesuits, and the Sierra de Cordoba, for our first bit of South American rock climbing, when the weather permitted (at times we felt like we were in North Wales or the Lake District!)

As well as the insect life, the other challenge we have adapted to is the variability of the temperature – one day, if the skies are clear and the sun is out, we are sweltering in plus 30°C temperatures, then the next, the clouds have rolled in and its overcast and we’re pulling on sweatshirts. Conversely, clear skies mean getting out a down sleeping bag as a duvet for the night, whereas overcast nights can be quite muggy… The rule of the road seems to be to be prepared for a level of variety us Brits are just not used to!

Here is a storybook of photos to fill out the story:



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2 responses to “Argentina Head to Toe – Part 1: Iguazu Falls to Cordoba

  1. Barry Tompson

    What a great set of pictures. Thank you.
    Never noticed the VW model you have and yesterday came across an abandoned one just round the corner. !

    Merry Christmas to you both: safe journey

    Barry & Carolyn


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